Poetry: ‘Blue Girls’ by John Crowe Ransom

Today is about all things ‘blue’! It started with dying my hair blue (thanks for the YES votes on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat!)

As I go through the day, I’ve barely recovered from quite how blue it is before I catch sight of myself in a mirror again and the fully-saturated blueness glints back from the top of my head. What I hadn’t accounted for was that any strands of grey hair would appear differently than my dark brown. It’s like faux streaks. Very glad I’ve done it – when else would I be wandering about with nowhere formal to go?! And so what if I did?!

That brings us to today’s poet, John Crowe Ransom. An American poet and essayist and also a literary critic, founding a movement called ‘New Criticism’ in the US. This is a solid, but slightly miserable poem about the fleeting nature of female beauty. A bit of a common theme for male poets. Thanks, guys. Maybe you could reflect on your own decrepitude next time.

Hope you’re well!

Blue Patrick xo

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