Poetry: I Have No Wisdom by Patrick Hughes

Just a few weeks ago, it seemed unthinkable that the world as we thought we knew it changed in (maybe?) irrevocable ways. I wrote this poem in mid-March as it started to be clear we needed to stay in and keep away from loved ones to minimise transmission of coronavirus.

What stuck (and sticks) in my mind is the hope that those gentle moments of touch, a little hug, the brush of a cheek against yours, will return. Yes, it may take time. I have no wisdom, this poem says, only hope. Today’s video is below, and below that are the words of the poem. I hope you enjoy. It’s a real help if you subscribe on YouTube (it’s free) and share.

Be well and much love,


I have no wisdom 

I have no wisdom to offer  you 
Few sharp-honed words
No pearls to salve

I won’t send posts from wiser heads
To make you gasp
Fill up with dread 

My reach-down hugs with arms around
Your cheek on mine
Seem hard to mind 

I know the time will come again 
When this will seem 
A horror past

When touch returns and breathing in
We fill up on
Our love again 

© Patrick Hughes 21-03-20

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